"Working with Michael start to finish was absolutely lovely! He is a true artist. He genuinely got to know us and our story beforehand and by the time we finally met - he felt like an old friend. He and his assistant were ninjas from the moment they arrived, getting everything to drone shots (!?) to go-pro footage of the groomsmen in the pool. He never hesitated to throw out amazing ideas and things we could capture. Once we finally had the video - we were ecstatic. It blew our minds! It basically should go to Sundance. But really... wow, we wept looking at the most joyous day of our life be reflected back to us in such a cinematic and intimate way. This was not your regular wedding video. It was spectacular! We had a chance to show some of our closest friends right away and of course, everyone was in love with it and the general consensus is "This is LITERALLY A FILM!" "This filmmaker is incredible" lots of tears, laughs and smiles etc etc :) We absolutely agree. I can't express enough how awesome Michael is and we LOVE his work! Thank you thank you thank you. We are so grateful to have had him as part of our day! To sum it up: Absolute pleasure to work with, incredible eye, professional, and kind." _kelli + aaron, ace hotel palm springs

"Michael is truly a master of his craft and such a pleasure to work with. My husband and I hadn’t initially planned on a video, but as soon as we saw Michael’s work we knew we wanted him to capture the moment. The end result was a stunningly beautiful and perfectly portrayed the feeling of our wedding. We are forever grateful for what he’s created." _lisa + kyle, the unique space DTLA

"We found out about Michael when he spoke on a panel at a wedding event, and we immediately knew we would love him as our videographer. He's a kind and thoughtful person, and it reflects in his work. He spoke about focusing on all the little and big moments of your wedding day - not just the traditional moments that are typically displayed in wedding videos. It was important for us to capture the feeling of the day, and he did that and more. We couldn't be happier with the work he did, and we highly highly recommend him!" _amy + dan, the ruby street highland park, los angeles

"Being able to be transported right back to that day is one of the best things that's happened to me SINCE that day. 'Thank you' doesn't really do justice to describe the feelings of joy that watching this provokes. It brings a happiness that makes me burst into tears. Through this video, the love between us and all of our beloveds is palpable. Memories that may have faded in our minds can now be relived in the magnitude of the very first experience. What a priceless gift this is. Anyone can capture a sequence of events through film, but being able to reproduce it in a way that portrays the actual feeling of having been there is a combination of skill, professionalism, education and artistic expression. So much appreciation for your talent, energy and time spent, Michael. It's a piece we will cherish until the end of our days... And I hope that after we've gone, it's a treasure that will be kept and watched and shared by our future dearests." _lindsay + logan, black walnut ranch ojai

"Michael is a truly gifted storyteller. In my years as head of marketing for Smashbox Cosmetics, and afterwards as a consultant in the beauty industry, I have seen many filmmakers who capture beauty. But Michael goes one step further. He finds the essence of his subject, the soul, and is able to bring it alive through exquisite imagery and storytelling such that you are transported into a dream-like journey where you experience love, joy, compassion, and most of all, connection. Michael knows better than anyone how to move your heart." _michele gough, founder @ iris&romeo iris and romeo cosmetics

"I keep referring Michael as your "must go-to wedding videographer" not only because of his exquisite eye, but also because of his refined sensibility and natural ability to connect with the raw beauty of vulnerability. His presence is comforting, non invasive and delightful. His final product reveals the depths of the heart."_mariana schulze, photographer


“Michael is an absolute delight to work with. We have collaborated on a couple of weddings and I can honestly say he's been my favorite filmmaker to work alongside. As a wedding photographer, it is important for me to collaborate with someone who is flexible, communicative, laid back and a lot of fun - these are all traits Michael has. His work speaks for itself. He is able to capture a timeless nostalgia and encapsulate the best, most beautiful memories of the day with an effortless ease. The work speaks true to the day he is capturing - and it's not sappy or cheesy - very current and cutting edge stylistically. His editing is bar none, and his eye for his shots is unparalleled. He knows what moments to capture, what emotions to bring out. He is a joyful person with excellent taste, so he knows beauty and joy when he sees it. I would recommend him to any of my clients; the investment is worth it. You will have a beautiful work of art to treasure forever.” _layli samimi, photographer


"Michael is absolutely the right person to produce your wedding video. We hired him and I was completely blown away by the result. His unique style and overall creativity captured all the important and touching moments and he then merged them into a beautiful, stunning and memorable video that is as much fun to watch as it was being at our actual wedding. It has become our tradition to watch it every year on our anniversary! Michael is passionate about his work, he’s a perfectionist and he’s dependable. I recommend him to every couple I meet who are planning to get married." _jessica + mike, los angeles

"Looking back I am so glad we hired Michael as our videographer! He has the rare artistic ability to capture the beauty of each moment and enhance it through the way he skillfully edits his videos. He turned our wedding video into a magical masterpiece that has touched many hearts! My father is a photographer and videographer, so I grew up in that environment and I have rarely encountered a filmmaker as talented as Michael. He is so patient, understanding and easy to work with. Thank you Michael!" _rouja and todd, palos verdes